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Strong legal representation

Criminal Law, Estate Planning, Family Law, Mediation

Longview, TX

The Law Office of Robert L. Cole, Jr. has provided criminal law services to the Longview, Texas area for nearly 25 years.

Robert L. Cole, Jr. has experience as a criminal defense attorney, working with wills and trusts and mediation. He can provide you with the legal counsel and representation you need to get a favorable resolution for your legal matter.

In the area of criminal defense, our attorney can assist with misdemeanors and felonies at all levels, from DUIs to murder and arson. If you’re facing criminal charges, contact our experienced attorney right away. Our firm is ready to provide you with personalized legal services.

Robert L. Cole, Jr. is also well qualified to handle mediation between you and other parties.

We offer free consultations to discuss the assistance you need for your legal matter. When you need an experienced and dedicated attorney in Longview, TX, contact the Law Office of Robert L. Cole, Jr. at (903) 236-6288.

We serve residents or Gregg, Harrison, Panola and Marion Counties in Texas.

Prioritizing your needs as our client

An attorney should be able to look at your specific case and give it the attention it deserves. Anyone who takes the cookie cutter approach doesn’t have your best interests in mind.

The Law Office of Robert L. Cole, Jr. is founded on the belief that the clients’ needs are the number one priority. Assistance with legal matters can only be successful when you have an understanding attorney by your side.

At The Law Office of Robert L. Cole, Jr., we are committed to helping you with whatever you need. Find your legal solution at our law firm today.

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